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The Marlin Firmware project produces the most popular Open Source firmware for RepRap 3D printers. Since 2014 I have been an active contributor, and I hope to keep pushing it forward for a long while to come! Some of the features I've contributed include:

  • LCD Long Filenames: Show the long filename when starting a print.
  • LCD Progress Bar: Show a graphical progress bar on small LCD screens when SD printing.
  • Readable Z: Show Z more like X and Y, with minimal digits.
  • M0 / M1 Message: "M0 Insert Filament Now"
  • "Wait for user": Prevent the click from activating the menu
  • SD Card Depth: Added more levels of SD Card navigation for better organizing files.
  • Custom Mendel Name: Change the name of the printer in the "Ready" message.
  • Home Offsets: Set Home Offsets based on the current position. (Used after homing and moving axes, usually the Z axis as a lazy way to avoid moving the Z endstop.)
  • LCD Z Pos: Round up Z display to work around float precision issues.
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