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Drupal can create Wiki content using PearWiki and other add-ons. Media aspects could be augmented by Drupal's facilities, with interesting options for customization. It requires a lot of setup to get the richest functionality, and you don't end up with MediaWiki, but you can get the important parts, such as automatic wiki links, wiki page creation, etc. See the book "Using Drupal" for a whole chapter on making a Wiki. Among the components mentioned in online Wiki setup articles are:

  • Markdown: Provides a syntax filter adaptable for a wiki.
  • Custom Filter: Provides programmable custom filters (for missing features).
  • BUEditor: A plaintext editor with coding features (may still be in beta).
  • Automatic Nodetitles: Hides the title field and gets the title from the content.
  • Diff: Adds a pretty diff-like interface to Revisions.
  • Wikitools: Adds wiki-like behavior such as automatic node creation.
  • Pathauto: Creates pretty node paths based on custom patterns.
  • Subscriptions: Helps with collaboration by notifying users of changes.
  • Checkout: Prevents users from editing nodes currently being edited.
  • Filter by Node Type: To ensure that wiki uses the Markdown/Custom filters.

Recommended by some Drupal wiki articles, reviled by others:

  • PEAR Wiki Filter: Complicated to install, easy enough to roll your own.
  • Flexifilter: Programmable, MediaWiki preinstalled, but still in RC.

Tip: Add a Wiki syntax block to the sidebar.

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