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  • For debugging in realtime try watch -n1 "drush ws". Then use watchdog() instead of drupal_set_message().


  • Zen can only find page templates where there's a page.tpl.php file (node.tpl.php for nodes, etc.).
  • Are your admin tabs translucent? If your theme implements phptemplate_menu_item_link compare it to theme_menu_item_link/zen_menu_item_link.
  • For template suggestions use the following in template.php mytheme_preprocess_page() then name template files like page--sec--sub.tpl.php
 $parts = explode('/', $_GET['q']);
 $tpl = 'page_';
 $suggs = array();
 foreach ($parts as $p) {
   $suggs[] = ($tpl = $tpl ."_$p");
 foreach ($suggs as $s) {
   $vars['theme_hook_suggestions'][] = $s;


  • If CSS caching is causing issues, check to make sure the active theme lists all its .css files in its .info file.
  • If login sessions drop unexpectedly, make sure your $cookie_domain starts with a dot. (Drupal 6.14 only?)
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