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CVS Access

Before you can do anything you need to get the drupal.org repository on your system. This gives access to the entire contributions tree, so you can check out whatever you want. You can only contribute changes to projects where you have permission.

export CVSROOT=:pserver:slurslee@cvs.drupal.org:/cvs/drupal-contrib
cvs login (password is "k3th3r333")
cvs co -l contributions/modules

Creating a Project Page

Before you can commit any code to the Drupal CVS repository you need to create a project page for it first.

* Click here to do it!

Adding to cvs.drupal.org

cvs add example
cvs add example/*
cvs commit -m "Initial commit of example module. Here is a brief description of what this module does."

Adding a New Branch

cd contributions/modules/example
cvs tag -b DRUPAL-6--2
cvs update -dP -r DRUPAL-6--2

Adding a New Release

To add a 5.x release version 1.0 you would do this:

cd contributions/modules/example
cvs tag DRUPAL-5--1-0

Finally, add a new releases at your Project page. Here are links to existing projects:

* New Animal Kill Counter Release
* New Colorpicker Release
* New FancyZoom Release
* New Hidey Help Release

Adding a Developer Snapshot Release

Once a Developer Snapshot has been created, it will automatically be updated within 12 hours to the latest code whenever checkins to the repository take place.

* See this page

Tips & Tricks

If you have a workspace checked out from a specific branch (e.g. DRUPAL-4-7) and you want to move that workspace back to the HEAD (or trunk of the repository), all you need to do is:

cd contributions/modules/your_module
cvs update -A


* Drupal CVS Quickstart
* Drupal CVS Branches
* Adding new releases
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