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Module Usage

Module Development

My Published Modules

  • Colorpicker - Implements a colorfield with the Farbtastic picker. Support for JQuery picker coming!
  • Comment Revisions - Adds a revision system for comments to Drupal.
  • Fancyzoom - Turns all links to images into popup images.
  • Fortune - Displays a random fortune in a Drupal block.
  • Animals Killed - Provides a block with a realtime counter of animals killed.

My Modules in Development

  • Nifty Slideshow - Drupal module wrapper for the Flash-based Nifty slideshow.
  • Mono Slideshow - Drupal module wrapper for the Flash-based Mono slideshow.
  • Photobar - Provides a photo block that obeys the menu hierarchy.
  • Download Link - Allows download of CCK file fields by emailing a temporary link.
  • Taxonomy Merge - Replaces taxonomy synonyms with the master term.

Essential Modules

  • BelatedPNG - Fixes PNGs in older versions of IE
  • 404 Blocks - Keeps page blocks on 404 pages
  • jQuery UI - Supports other modules that need JQuery UI
  • jQuery Update - Updates JQuery to the latest
  • Mime Detect] - Provides consistent MIME-detection for files
  • Pathauto - Auto-generates paths for nodes, taxonomy, users, etc.
  • Poor Man's Cron - Triggers cron.php off site visitors
  • Teaser By Type - Provides teaser settings per Content Type
  • Token - Provides a token mechanism for other modules to use
  • Transliteration - Removes non-Roman characters from paths and filenames
  • Views - Provides a system to collect content into pages, blocks, and feeds
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